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Satisfied couple

Where do I even start?! Dewey aka MC Duy is phenomenal! If you just want a quick straight to the point review, Dewey is THE BEST! You WILL NOT regret your decision of hiring him and his crew. DJ Allen is wonderful! He got all types of crowd going! Old, young, American, Vietnamese, Hispanics, Blacks, you name it! They all enjoyed the music. He is WORTH EVERY PENNY! I received so much praises about my entertainment crew for my wedding night! If you want a detail break down of why his crew is wonderful, keep on reading.

Duy is very professional with his work. He is always on schedule and respond quickly to any inquiry you may have. As most wedding brides and grooms know, wedding time is very stressful! But Duy made it so easy to communicate with. He is quick with his responses on text messages, phone calls, and emails. He is so easy to talk to and always reassure that everything is under control. His team showed up on time to set things up and even reminded us things that we may need.

Aside from his quick responses, he is great with time management during the reception. THANK GOD to his amazing draft of the reception itinerary (yes, he provided us with one in case we didn't have one!). In his itinerary, there is time break downs, entertainment ideas, and what bride and groom were to do. That literary saved me so much time as I didn't know what to do!

For entertainment, he gets the crowd going! My wedding would have been boring and a snooze fest if it wasn't for him! He was able to get all the elder Vietnamese folks out of their chairs and have them cheered, jump up and down, laughing, singing, dancing, so much more! He was very quick and witty as well. He did not let any awkward silence happened. DJ Allen/one man band was great! They played all the types of music we asked them to do and they did a great job of including all types of music for different crowd. We had a mixture of elder Vietnamese people, young American, people from other cultures, and everyone couldn't stop praising how amazing the music was.

Overall, if you want your wedding reception to run smoothly, want the crowd to have a great time, HIRE MC DUY and his team! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!

Also, my sister in-law also used his team, although it wasn't MC DUY who was their EMC, it was another MC and she was just equally as fun, professional, and wonderful as he was.

Tracey & Michael

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