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Huyền Vy is a Mathematics & Vietnamese Language teacher. With her Master’s Degree, she has been a public educator since 2008, in many high schools throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

Music and entertainment is her passion and she has been professionally emceeing and singing since 2012. Speaking in front of a large audience is innate and effortless for Vy. She loves to interweave the modern and the traditional in an elegant fun manner, all whilst incorporating each client’s uniqueness, requests, and specifications.

The hallmark of any event is always the client (and their family members) and she keeps the focus on them. She navigates and engages the guests with positive and energetic candor. With her quick intuition to pick up the vibe and mood of any crowd, she is able to bring an entire audience to their feet, laughing and dancing, ultimately producing a very truly memorable event. 

MC Jasmine

Jasmine began her MC and singing career in 2005.  She's performed at over 300 events.  Her experience and commitment are definitely her greatest attributes.  Jasmine started her singing career and hosting events for her church.  Parishioners were amazed by her great voice and started to invite her to host/sing at their weddings.  Jasmine is bilingual in Vietnamese and English.  She's very knowledgeable on the Vietnamese's wedding traditions.  She uses her knowledge to blend in to today's multicultural wedding celebrations.  She is what you call "old school" with a new school flare.  From low key and sophisticated,  with a respectable demeanor, she is warmly received by the older guests.  With her at your celebration, you're ensured of having an experienced professional facilitating your entire event from start to finish.  She has what it takes to make your big day a great success.

MC Christine

Christine is a full time M.C. and has been in the entertainment business since 2007.  She has performed over 300 weddings and casino's entertainment shows.  She has performed with many famous Vietnamese artists, including Lynda Trang Dai, Tommy Ngo, Henry Truc and many more. Whether it’s a party for 1,000  or 100 people, Christine will run and facilitate your entire event so you don’t have to.  Christine will work with your caterer, wedding coordinator, videographer, and photographer to facilitate a seamless night.  You’ll be able to sit back and relax knowing that a professional will be running your event.  She loves what she does, and that motivates her to make sure that every event is amazing! Christine’s goal at your event is to make sure you and your guests are having the time of your lives.
Xaolynn  (Chinese translator)

Xaolynn was born and raised in the Canton province in China and has relocated to Los Angeles since 2014. She is a native speaker of both Mandarin and Cantonese, and a fluent speaker of English. Apart from her experience being a part-time host in a local Cantonese radio channel, Xaolynn enjoys hosting wedding events as well.

DJ Junior 

Dj Junior started DJ'ing at age 12, around 7th grade . He started listening to radio DJs, Power tools on Power 106 & recording mixes. While growing up he perfected his skills in mixing hip hop, house, & EDM. DJ Junior starting DJ'ing at parties & weddings at the age of 16. He plays at weddings, clubs and his Hispanic heritage comes in very handy when he's at a Latin event. Now After 12+ years of experience he Now knows what it takes to conduct & rock a wedding. His Experience in many genres, ability to perform at local clubs, venues, weddings, has allowed him to become a great open format Dj in OC & LA area, He rocks about 100 events per year

DJ John

John is an amazing D.J. He has been a D.J. since his college years as a frat brothers at the University of Fullerton. John has DJed over 700 events and has the best D.J. skill sets in the business.  He’s one of the best beat mixers in the industry, which is essential in keeping any party going all night long.  He has an amazing knowledge of every era of music. From kids’ events to sophisticated and upscale soirees, there isn’t any event he can’t handle. His ability to read the crowd is unbelievable. He also has many years experience as a D.J. in the L.A. night club scene. 
DJ Flo

Flo has been a D.J. for over 15 years and has performed over 1000 events.  Flo has all the right skills to make your special event exactly what you've envisioned. This highly organized and experienced D.J., whose credentials include being a featured D.J. on  “DJ Mag”, a guest D.J. on Power 106 (hip-hop smack down hour) will also help you plan your music, and bring your party alive.  Flo has become one of Southern California most experienced, fun, and exciting disc jockey.  Clients just love his personality and professionalism, and they praise his ability to keep the party going from the moment the first guest arrives until the last guest leaves. Flo is also one of the industry leaders in the building of professional sound systems, and his knowledge of music, sound, and lighting is unsurpassed. From the moment you meet him until the very last song at your event, he will help you execute the perfect party.  His past clients keep raving about his charisma and his ability to keep the party going all night long.
DJ Jason

Jason has been DJing to his passion of music for the past 8 years. He first started his DJ career at Junior High and High School dances. He went on to DJ at many corporate events and functions.  He entered the wedding scene 3 years (2015) and was discovered by AAA Entertainment not long after.  He's been DJing for AAA Entertainment (Team 1) for the past 4 years.  His knowledge is music is amazing, experienced in the spot mixing, EDM, old school hip hop and top 40s are his strength. DJ Jason is guaranteed to make your occasion a special and memorable one!

DJ Allen

Allen is a young vibrant DJ. He is currently attending UC Riverside, major in business finance.  Listen to music and DJing on the weekend has been his hobby & passion since age 11,now at 21 DJ Allen can rock the house!!.  Being the eldest son of MC/DJ Dewey, Allen grew up learning from the best by tagging along with his dad.  There's great expectation for Allen to do well in school and progress into a knowledgeable DJ.  He has DJ'ed at numerous events and guests have been amazed by his mixing skills and understand of various genres.  He will not disappoint.
MC/DJ Duy (Dewey)

Duy began his M.C./D.J. career in 2009. His 1st wedding gig was at his cousin's. Now with over 2000 events under his belt, he's able to please the crowd in every possible way.  He's super passionate in what he does.  Duy has the ability to motivate guests to dance and participate at the event by being respectful and using his oratory skill sets. From the minute your first guest walks through the door till your last guest leaves, you can rest assured that best and skilled Master of Ceremonies is at your event.

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